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Mildred ISD Covid Planning

Dear MISD Families, 

Mildred ISD is pleased to announce that we have completed the first six weeks of the 2020-2021 school year.  However, this school year has provided considerable challenges in response to COVID-19. After taking time to adequately implement our initial reopening plan and observing the developing needs of our faculty and students, we will be making changes to current operations. 

Beginning  October 1st, MISD will release students every Thursday at 12:30 (JH/HS) and 12:50 (Elementary).  Buses will run at 1:00pm.  Teachers will use Thursday afternoons to address the increased demands of the new virtual learning components required this year.  Students are encouraged to use this time to stay up-to-date on all educational requirements, as well as take some time to decompress from the changes this school year has required. This time will also allow our custodial staff to focus on a deep cleaning of all commonly used spaces by our students and staff.

For families that cannot provide transportation or afternoon care during this time, MISD will provide a study hall opportunity for students, supervised by staff, on Thursdays from 1:00pm-3:35pm.  Students who remain on campus and  participate in study hall must provide their own transportation at 3:35pm.

Thank you for your patience as we evolve and progress normal school operations. We are grateful for the commitment and dedication of everyone that has contributed to the efforts for high-quality learning in the first six weeks of school. Because of our continued partnership, patience, and pursuit of excellence, we will continue to ensure the success of MISD students and the community that supports them.