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Mary L. Wilson
6th Grade Math Teacher
UIL Number Sense Coach
Room 121
TUTORING -- Every day before school, 7:30-7:45
1st pd    8:00-8:47       Math Class
2nd pd   8:51-9:11         Eagle Pride (in your 2nd pd classroom)
2nd pd   9:11-9:58        Math Class
3rd pd   10:02-10:49     Math Class
LUNCH 10:49-11:19
4th pd    11:23-12:10       Math Class
5th pd    12:14-1:01         Math Lab
6th pd      1:05-1:52          CONFERENCE -- please email me and make an appointment
7th pd      1:56-2:43       Math Lab
8th pd      2:47-3:34      Math Lab
TUTORING -- Every day as requested or required (with prior parental permission), 3:38-4:00 (or 4:30 with parental permission)
Howdy!  This begins my second year teaching at Mildred.  I have been teaching math (6th - 8th grades) for 13 years and coached volleyball, basketball, track & field (shot put, discus, and hurdles), and soccer for three years as well.  I came here from the Austin area but am a bleed-maroon Aggie!!  My Masters Degree is in Kinesiology, am teacher certified in K-12 P.E. 4-8 Math, and have an ESL Supplement as well.  I grew up in a Navy family and graduated high school in Lima, Peru.  I'm also an Army Veteran (10 years 8 months to the day), a former softball umpire (25 years) and field hockey official (10 years), and played many sports throughout my life.  Now, I have cows!!  Aside from dealing with them, I build things and fix all sorts of machinery and other items at my farm, finding the time also to garden, mountain bike and go cycling on the road as well when I'm not at school.
It's fun to teach math, to show kids that math is everywhere and that they don't have to be afraid of it!  Plus (pun intended!), I speak 6th grade so that helps them gain a better understanding of it.  
I'm very glad to be here and will do the very best I can to work with your children and help them learn the math that will allow them to succeed in school and life!  If you need to contact me, please email me at the above link.