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Anne Story

Room 305
Let me tell you a STORY
Once upon a time two sisters left home (Beaverton, Oregon) for college. They traveled all the way to the state of New Mexico to pursue their dreams of riding horses as NCAA athletes. After four years their parents thought, "Surely they will come home to the Northwest, surely they will come HOME!" 
A few more years passed and off to Texas (Forth Worth) they went. Still their parents said, "Oh surely they will come home once they finish their graduate programs." But, alas, this was not to be. They had fallen in love with Texas and were not coming home!  Thus, the parents had a decision to make. Do they pick up and move from Oregon where they have lived for 30 years to be closer to their children, or do they stay and continue to wish they were closer to their kids?  The parents decided it was time to see this great state of Texas and have their family close again. So this tale has a happy ending. In July, the parents (Mr.and Mrs. Story) moved to Corsicana and Mrs. Story joined the Mildred Elementary Staff. 
So here I am, and very excited to be working with your students. I will be assisting Mrs. Warren with her literacy program and assisting where needed throughout the day. I have a passion for teaching children and ensuring they feel safe, welcome, and cared for.