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Mrs. Jennifer Cobb » Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb

room 206
Periods: 2-8  
Conference: 9:11-9:58
I teach:  Chemistry Periods (2,3,5,8)
              Physics Periods (4,6,7)
There are many things I am passionate about, but the first one is my love for Jesus Christ.  My husband, Jonathan, and I have been married for 23 years and were blessed with 4 children.  Jonathan David is a Sophomore at Baylor University this year in pre-Med/Biology and Jenna is a Senior here at Mildred High School, looking so forward to moving on to college next year.  Jaxi is a 5th grader at Mildred Elementary School and is zealous about learning!  She thinks she wants to become a veterinarian.  I have an angel, Julia, who passed away at the age of 8 from Ewing's sarcoma bone cancer.  We carry on her beautiful legacy by running her 501(c)(3) that helps children and families fighting cancer.
I am also passionate about science!!!  I am on my 15th year of teaching science and my 3rd year teaching Chemistry and Physics at Mildred High School.  Yes, even my own children had me for class 2 years in a row:)  I graduated from Michigan State University with my BS in Zoology because of my love for animals.  I was accepted to veterinary school on Prince Edward Island Canada and was in my 1st year of vet school when I fell in love with my husband who is a pastor at Mildred Baptist Church.  In 1998, we moved to Florida and started a family.  I naturally started teaching science and have taught in many different states, academic arenas and different science subjects.  I love to learn, grow and stretch myself.  I hope to foster the same love in my students to set goals, reach for them, and achieve things they could have never imagined.  Whether it's a career in science or not, I want to help them build a successful future.  I am looking forward to a great year with my students!